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Sasha House the Boutique Penthouse, Serviced Apartment in Bangkok Thailand near Kasetsart University, Major Ratchayothin and Central Ladprao.

Sasha House the Boutique Sofitel
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      Sasha House comprises two businesses – the Boutique Penthouse and Furniture & Décor. The Boutique Penthouse offers daily and monthly room stays in different types. The building and rooms are decorated in modern-classic style with several furniture and materials imported from overseas such as marbles, chandeliers, LED lightings, beds, bedsheets, polyurethane (PU) mouldings, etc. Sasha House has also brought these items for sale to customers in Thailand.

      Because of using hi-quality and beautiful decorated materials manufactured by world-class factories, Sasha House becomes a very elegant and attractive serviced apartment. This building is designed and supervised by Sasha Thanasrivanitchai who carefully takes care of decorating and choosing best materials to use for development. Sasha House The Boutique Penthouse, moreover, is also located at Phaholyothin Road, Chatuchak District, where is a center spot of the city and closed to many important place such as Kasetsart University, Major Ratchayotin and Central Ladprao including main public transportation - BTS and MRT

            Besides the Boutique Penthouse, Sasha House offers furniture and home decorating products for sale. Sasha House also provides consulting in designing and decorating houses, apartments and condominiums, which has main purpose for customers to have their living places most beautiful but cheap cost.

Founder of Sasha House

1995 - 1999 Master's Degree in Civil Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
1994 - 2006 Lecturer, Civil Engineering Department, Rangsit University
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Sasha House
Sasha House the Boutique Penthouse
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